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What is Photo Legacy?

ASDA Photo Legacy provides the latest in scanning and digitisation technology, allowing you to have all of your treasured memories transferred to digital format and returned to you on a CD/DVD or optionally purchased USB.

All of your priceless family analogue images and videos slowly degrade over time; the only way to ensure their safety is to get them digitised so they are secure for future generations to enjoy. Don’t worry if you have photos that are damaged, ripped, fading, or missing parts - they can all can be digitally repaired with our fantastic Image Restoration service.

You will receive your fully digitally restored image back on DVD or optionally purchased USB, often in better condition than when the original image was first produced. ASDA Photo Legacy is not just about your own memories; it is perfect as a gift to loved ones, digitising their memories and repairing those that were once considered lost for them to remember and enjoy again.

The new ASDA Photo Legacy service enables you to turn all of your negatives, slides, prints, video tapes, cine film and camcorder tapes into digital media to enjoy again and again on your TV, PC or mobile device.

Simply order the appropriate digitisation service online, send your media to us in the secure Memory Box provided and let us do the rest. Within 10 days your original media and digitised memories will be returned to you so you can start enjoying their new lease of life!

We know that no one can put a price on your memories, so at ASDA Photo Legacy we do everything in our power to safeguard them for you, which is why we use the robust ‘Memory Box’ to transport your media from to us and through processing. When you receive your digitised media back you we would like you to keep your Memory Box to keep your original media safe whilst we keep the digital version safe in the ASDA Photo Legacy Cloud (coming soon).

All in 4 easy steps:


Choose your quantity and add any notes.


Once we have received your order we will send you a secure Memory Box.


Package your media securely and then send your Memory Box to us using the MyHermes service provided.


Once we have completed your order we will return the Memory Box via DPD, containing your original media along with a digital copy, within 10 calendar days.

With every order you place your precious memories will be returned to you on a PC ready CD/DVD to view your images from. If you would like extra copies to share with friends and family just select the volume that you require during the checkout process, or if you would like them on a portable memory stick just select this preference to accompany your order.

To create something even more special, you can also add background music or titles to your digitised cine film by selecting the Titles or Background Music add-ons during the checkout process.

Will you return my media?

Of course, we never keep your content and will always return this to you with your completed order.

What is a Memory Box Pack?

This is your packaging and transport to facilitate your online order being processed. This will include transport of your Memory Box to you, transport of your order back to us via courier, transport of your processed order back to your home by courier and the Memory Box, which can be kept to store your media in.

How long will you take to process my order?

Your order will be returned to you 10 business days from the date we receive your analogue media. If for any reason this takes longer due to the media type or volume, we will advise you in advance.

When will I get my Memory Box Pack?

You will receive this through our couriers DPD within 3 business days.

How long will you take to process my order?

Your order will be returned to you 10 business days from the date we receive your analogue media. If for any reason this takes longer due to the media type or volume, we will advise you in advance.

I don’t know what type of video tape I have?

Don’t worry we refer to all tapes as just 'Video', just select video and then time.

What format will my video be returned in?

Your videos and cine film are returned on DVD and are playable on DVD player devices. You can have them put on USB as well, simply select the option during the checkout process!

Can you edit my videos or cine film?

No, sorry this is something that we don’t offer.

Can I send you my own music to accompany my cine film?

No, unfortunately because of copyright laws it is illegal for us to add commercial music that we do not have the license to reproduce. We will always apply the appropriate music to your visual content.

What format will my slides, negatives or prints be returned in?

All of your slides, negatives and photos will be returned on a DVD as jpegs that are for use on a PC, to allow you to edit and utilise your imagery. If you would like them setup so that they are viewable on a DVD player for your TV please let us know in the further instructions section when placing your order.

What DPI are my images scanned at?

Format Resolution
Prints 600dpi
Slides 4000dpi
Negatives 4000dpi
Small Negatives 1200dpi

Can you turn my black and white photo into colour?

Yes we can, please select Image Restoration and make sure that you give as much detail as you can in terms of colours.

Is there any photo you can’t repair?

Yes, unfortunately we are not magicians so we need as much as possible within the image to be able to rebuild its missing elements.