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Cine Film to USB (Up to 1100ft)


Cine Film to USB
Capture and keep your film alive, with our high quality Cine Film transfer service. The service will allow you to access and enjoy your films on USB, keeping your collections alive for many more years. If you would like your reels scanned in a certain order, please label them clearly so we can ensure this is done for you. When transferring your footage we may be required to combine and return your film on new 400ft reels.

*Formats: 8mm and 16mm
*Types: With regard to 8mm film: standard/single 8 and super 8
*File on DVD: VOB
*File on USB: MP4
*1600 feet max. per order

If you are submitting single reels that are larger than 400ft, please contact us at so we can ensure we send a box that is large enough.

Asda Photo offer you the opportunity to make multiple copies, when transferring your media to USB. Visit our add on services page if you would like to add these to your basket.