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Digital Transfer Services

We help you digitise and futureproof your old photos and film

Mother and daughter looking at family photos

Every story matters

Have you got stacks of old photos and slides fading away in boxes? Reels of film or old video tapes that you can't watch anymore because technology has moved on? We have the answer! All of your home movies, weddings, holidays and treasured family history can be transferred to your choice of DVD or USB. We can scan, convert and even make extra copies. So let us do the hard work while you sit back and watch your family history come back to life...

How it works


Photos, postcards & old film

Film & audio

Old film has passed its expiration date. Get your digital copies now.

How it works


Select type of service – scanning or transfer


Choose new media type – USB or DVD


A shipping kit will be sent with instructions


Label your media if it should be digitised in a certain order


Return the shipping kit via post office (tracked & prepaid by us)


You receive your new & old media back!

This service takes approximately 15 working days from the day your media is sent.
Occasionally we need extra time to process your order due to the size, running promotions or public holidays.

    Digital Transfer Service

  • Transfer Video & Cine Film to DVD or USB
  • Convert your old Audio Tapes to CD or USB
  • Scan Photos, Slides & Negatives to DVD or USB
  • Send your old media to us in a shipping kit (tracked & prepaid by us)
  • Once processed your new digitised media will be delivered straight to your door

To tell a story is to remember it

We all have old family history stored around the house; boxes in lofts, albums in cupboards or drawers, old tapes and reels gathering dust. As technology moves on, and time eats away at this ageing media, the content becomes less and less accessible. Our Digital Transfer Service allows you to capture that history before it disappears, and bring it within reach of modern devices.

Relive your memorable moments from yesteryear, by having your images from Negatives, Slides and Photos professionally scanned to DVD and USB, while cherished Videos, Cine Film, and Audio Tapes can also be transferred to CD, DVD and USB, allowing your treasured collections to be sustained and enjoyed for many years to come. Better yet, our Add on Service allows you to make multiple copies of your digitised media to create spares or even a gift for a loved one to treasure.