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How to make a personalised card

Not sure how to create the perfect personalised card?
Well we have put together this 5 step guide to help you through it!

Step 1: Find your card category

Look at our top categories on the home page, list of occasions, or use our quick search function

Step 1 - Find a category

Step 2: Select your card design

Click on your preferred card design. Tip: if you hover your mouse on a design, you can see a larger version (1).

Step 2 - Selct your card design

Step 3: Start editing your design

Any available editable text slots show on the right (2)

Step 3 - Start editing

Step 4: Select your card type and copies

We can print at a variety of sizes. (1), A4 - Large, A5 - Medium, A6 - Small. You can have multiple copies (2) and then add it to your basket (3)

Step 4 - Select your card type

Step 5: Confirm and pay

You can reconfirm size and quantity (1), re-edit your card (2) or order some more (3). When you're ready, head to the checkout (4).

Thats it! All you have to do now is enjoy making your first card :)  Start here