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ASDA photo

Photo Gift Box vouchers – Terms and conditions.


Customers who have a Gift voucher code are entitled to redeem either one 10x12" Photo Canvas or one 8x8 hard back photo book with 20 pages, depending on the type of gift box received. The gift must be ordered online at www.asda.com/photo and cannot be created in-store at any ASDA Photo Centre.

Refunds and exchanges on the finished gift fall under existing ASDA Photo Terms and Conditions. The gift includes the cost of Postage and packaging. The voucher code has not monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred.


The code used on your card is unique and can only be used once; should you have any problems using the code please contact our Customer Services team on 0845 300 7774 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Standard call charges apply.


Full Photo terms and conditions are found at http://www.asda-photo.co.uk/about/terms.and.conditions